Woman finds fried rat head in Popeyes chicken order

Woman finds fried rat head in Popeyes chicken order

Warning: View images at your own risk

We all thought it couldn’t get any worse than the Chop’t ‘rat wrap’ two years ago — but this fried creature may take the cake.

A woman in Harlem posted a picture on Facebook of a deep-fried rat head in her Popeye’s order. That’s right. A rat head.

Rosemary Thomas claims the meal was served to her daughter, niece and sister at a Harlem location, and urges the public to share the image that scarred her family.

Her caption reads: “This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health.” According to the city Department of Health, this specific location does indeed have an ‘A’ grade.

“My daughter is traumatized. I had to take her to urgent care last night, vomited with diarrhea all day.”

DNAInfo.com reports that a spokeswoman for Popeyes that “it’s not common to find unusual items in the chain’s chicken… but they usually turn out to be chicken organs.”

We admit that this is better than a fried rat — but still not very appetizing.

The Harlem Popeye’s address is 2730 Frederick Douglas Blvd.

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Secret Service protection granted to Ivanka Trump

Secret Service protection granted to Ivanka Trump

As of Monday, Ivanka Trump has her own Secret Service detail, reports USA Today.

She is the first of the Trump children to receive the protection, but it is unclear if she will be the only one, or if her siblings will soon be under watch as well.

Notably, Ivanka is considered one of her father’s top advisors.

See images of Ivanka Trump through the years:

According to Time, while it has been announced that she has dedicated agents, it is unknown what they assigned her in terms of a Secret Service code name.

Agents generally give one to the presidential candidate then use its first letter in names given to family members.

For those who’d like to venture a guess – or start an office pool – as to which handle Ivanka ended up with, Donald Trump’s code name is Mogul.

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A searing new report claims opioid drugmakers spent 8 times as much as the NRA on lobbying

A searing new report claims opioid drugmakers spent 8 times as much as the NRA on lobbying

A searing new report from the Associated Press claims that the makers of opioid painkillers, the dangerous drugs at the center of the tragic overdose crisis, outspent the US gun lobby on lobbying and campaign contributions by 8:1.

The report looked at the period from 2006 to 2015, when deaths from the drugs began to skyrocket. Here are some of its most striking findings:

  • Opioid drugmakers including Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, spent more than $880 million, or roughly $98 million per year, on lobbying and campaign contributions in support of the drugs.
  • Drugmakers and allied advocacy groups employed a yearly average of 1,350 lobbyists in legislative centers.
  • In 2015 alone, 227 million opioid prescriptions were given out in the US, or “enough to hand a bottle of pills to nine out of every 10 American adults.”
  • Purdue Pharma, the company that makes OxyContin, made $2.4 billion from opioid sales last year alone.

Worse still, the same drug companies now stand to make more money off of new iterations of the pills which they’re marketing as safer and tougher to abuse but which may not actually work to stem the tide of overdose deaths, the report states.

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According to the report, opioid drugmakers are behind state-based lobbying efforts aimed at peddling so-called “abuse-deterrent” versions of the drugs which may carry the same risks of addiction but “ultimately are more lucrative [than traditional opioids], since they’re protected by patent and do not yet have generic competitors.”

The opioid epidemic has already claimed more than 165,000 American lives. Deaths from the drugs — which dozens of studies have shown can be addictive since they act on the brain in a manner almost identical to heroin — have continued to skyrocket. In 2013, more Americans died from overdosing on opioid painkillers than from heroin or cocaine combined.

painkiller heroin marijuana overdose death chart 2014stockmonkeys.com

In response to the allegations made by the AP, Purdue shared this statement with Business Insider: “We support policies that align with the FDA and The White House’s view that opioids with abuse-deterrent properties are a public health priority.”

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Who wore what this weekend: Best dressed of the 2016 Emmy Awards

Who wore what this weekend: Best dressed of the 2016 Emmy Awards

The 2016 Emmy Awards were an event to remember — some of our favorite shows were (finally!) awarded with top honors — and the red carpet was chock-full of drool-worthy gowns.

Kristen Bell topped our list as one of the best dressed of the night. She looked absolutely stunning in a floral Zuhair Murad Couture gown, but Emilia Clarke gave her a run for her money in a slinky, shimmering Atelier Versace look.

Michelle Dockery donned another gorgeous dress, a pretty, tiered black and white number by Oscar de la Renta.

Kerry Washington was the picture of perfection in a Brandon Maxwell dress that showed off her baby bump, and both Olivia Culpo and Emily Ratajakowski looked flawless in Zac Posen.

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Leonardo DiCaprio asks $10.95M for Malibu beach house

Leonardo DiCaprio asks $10.95M for Malibu beach house

shutterstock_123490156This Malibu beach house is the antidote to all your stressors, whether they entail cubicle jockeying, meeting wrangling or bear wrestling. Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has a bunch of that out of his system, he’s put this gem on the market for $10.95 million.

The Oscar winner bought the 1950 oceanfront home back in 1998, and it’s often cited as the home of his mother. Last year, it was listed as a rental for $23,000 a month, as the Los Angeles Times noted.

Although DiCaprio has held onto this home for nearly two decades, the actor is not shy about shifting real estate. He rented out his Palm Springs compound last year, and a few years ago sold even pricier digs in Malibu.

Take a peek inside the beachside home below:

He’s also not averse to remodeling, having transformed this beachside bungalow into a gated, 3-bedroom, 2-bath extravaganza. It boasts upstairs and downstairs decks with transparent guardrails that ensure stunning Pacific Ocean views from far inside the home. The lower deck also features a hot tub ideal for melting away those aforementioned stressors.

An elegantly decorated interior includes hardwood floors, herringbone tile in the kitchen, and sliding walls of glass.

A short staircase leads to Carbon Beach, which stretches from the Malibu Pier to Santa Monica, and is known locally as “Billionaire’s Beach.”

The listing agent is Katie Bentzen of Partners Trust.

Take a tour of Malibu with us:

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