Trump calls first US debate moderator a Democrat; records show otherwise

Trump calls first US debate moderator a Democrat; records show otherwise

Sept 20 (Reuters) – Republican Donald Trump may have gotten it wrong when he said the moderator of the first U.S. presidential debate next week between him and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is a Democrat.

NBC’s Lester Holt, who will moderate the debate on Monday, is registered as a Republican, according to voter information on the New York State Board of Elections website. NBC did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday about Holt’s party affiliation.

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Trump has said repeatedly the presidential debates will be stacked against him. He said on Fox News on Monday that Holt was a “professional” but that he was a Democrat, adding that the NBC News anchor may be under pressure after critics accused fellow NBC journalist Matt Lauer of giving Clinton tougher treatment than Trump during a recent forum on defense issues.

“Look, it’s a phony system. Lester is a Democrat. I mean, they are all Democrats. OK? It’s a very unfair system,” Trump said on the show.

Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News host conducting the interview, said two other debate moderators, ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, were also Democrats.

Cooper is registered in New York with no party affiliation, according to the state elections site, which CNN confirmed. ABC did not respond to a request for comment about Raddatz’s registration.

The fourth presidential debate moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, is a registered Democrat in Washington, D.C., according to the District’s elections website. Wallace has said in interviews that he registered with the party so he could vote in primaries in the heavily Democratic District of Columbia. (Reporting by Emily Stephenson in Washington; Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Peter Cooney)

Clinton's email scandal is back in the news again — because of Reddit

Clinton's email scandal is back in the news again — because of Reddit

The Hillary Clinton email scandal rolls on. This week, it’s a suspicious Reddit post fueling claims Clinton conspired to erase some of her emails from the public record.

The new development centers on Paul Combetta, the Platte River Networks specialist last seen repeatedly pleading the fifth in front of the House Oversight Committee. Combetta previously admitted to the FBI he deleted some of Clinton’s emails despite a Congressional order not to do so.

Clinton on the campaign trail after health scare

Both the Clinton camp and Combetta’s employer said he acted alone, and the U.S. Justice Department granted him immunity during its investigation, so … case closed? Not quite.

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An unearthed Reddit post from a username associated with Combetta asked for help altering a VIP’s email address. The post reads, in part, “They don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields.”

The key word here is “they.” If the post is from Combetta, and if it refers to Clinton, then it seems to suggest Combetta was acting on someone else’s orders when he deleted Clinton’s emails.

The post has prompted renewed scrutiny from the House Oversight Committee, and the chair of the Science Committee is demanding an interview with Combetta and one other Platte River Networks employee.

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Rep. Lamar Smith wrote in his letter requesting the interviews: “These details raise new questions as to whether Platte River Networks purposefully defied legal document retention requirements. Further, it is unclear if the Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of these facts at the time of their investigation.”

OnlyOnAOL: The best advice Taraji P. Henson gave Jussie Smollett

OnlyOnAOL: The best advice Taraji P. Henson gave Jussie Smollett

By: Donna Freydkin

The third season of the Fox smash “Empire” premieres Wednesday. And let’s just say: the Lyon family is in disarray.

Perhaps no one has it tougher than Jamal, the openly-gay son reviled by his father, ruthless music mogul Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard). His biggest ally is mama Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

At the end of season two, Jamal had been shot, after an ugly altercation with his dad – which was improvised, as it turns out, because Howard and Smollett are incredibly close in person.

We asked Smollett, a quick-witted, stylish, and jaw-droppingly funny guy, about working his Henson.

“So many things that I’ve been through on this journey so far, she’s been through in her way,” he said.

His own father died when the show premiered, and Henson was dealing with a tragedy in her own family. And then, of course, Smollett came out to Ellen DeGeneres.

“I think I have thick skin. Taraji is there to be like, ‘(Expletive) ’em.’ Before I talked to Ellen, she was like, ‘(Expletive) them. Why do you have to say (expletive)? Why do you have to announce that (expletive) to the world?’ That’s how I feel. She echoes so many things I hear from my real-life mother, my real-life sister,” said Smollett.

In summary: “She’s as real as they come.”

Colin Kaepernick receiving death threats: 'You've proved my point'

Colin Kaepernick receiving death threats: 'You've proved my point'

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick told reporters he’s been receiving death threats since his national anthem protests began weeks ago.

“I’ve had a few come my way, but I’m not too concerned about it,” he said.

The quarterback said the threats haven’t only come from social media outlets. According to The Mercury News, he has refrained from getting security involved thus far.

“To me, if something like that were to happen, you’ve proved my point and it will be loud and clear for everyone why it happened, and that would move this movement forward at a greater speed than what it is even now,” Kaepernick said.


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“I knew there were other things that came along with this when I first stood up and spoke about it. It’s not something I haven’t thought about.”

On Friday night, an unarmed black man was fatally shot by an Oklahoma police officer. Kaepernick condemned the shooting of Terence Crutcher and used it as an example of why he will continue to protest.

Kaepernick’s movement has spread across NFL teams throughout the country and recently extended to the high school level – where an entire team knelt during the national anthem last weekend.

“I think other people picking up on the protest and speaking out about it from high school kids to activists to pro athletes, I think is huge,” he said. “I think as the conversations continue in these communities, more and more solutions are going to come up as to how to fix this as quickly as possible. That’s ultimately the goal.”

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The parts in an iPhone 7 only cost $219, according to a new estimate

The parts in an iPhone 7 only cost $219, according to a new estimate

If you go to an Apple Store and buy an iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage space, Apple will charge you $649.

That device only costs $224.80 to make, after adding $5 for manufacturing costs, according to an estimate by research firm IHS, which took apart and studied Apple’s latest phone.

When IHS examined the cost of last year’s iPhone 6s, it estimated the cost of materials to come out to $211.50 — which suggests that this year’s model costs significantly more to make. IHS hasn’t estimated the cost of materials for the bigger iPhone 7 Plus yet.

If the estimate is accurate, it suggests that higher materials costs might be squeezing Apple’s legendary (for the consumer electronics industry) profit margins.

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Last quarter, Apple reported its gross margin at 38%, and Apple’s Asian suppliers have been complaining recently that Apple’s been driving a hard bargain.

Part of the increase can be attributed to the fact that Apple is now including 32GB of storage as the base level, costing it $16.40 per iPhone sold. Other expensive components include the chip, which is estimated to cost $26.90, the display, at an estimated price of $43, and the device’s two cameras, which could cost $19.90 per phone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has criticized teardown cost estimates in the past. In 2015, he said that he had “never seen one that’s even close to accurate.”

IHS teardowns don’t take into account several different costs that get factored into the final price of the iPhone, including warehousing, research and development, and marketing.

Here’s the IHS cost breakdown by component:

Screen Shot 2016 09 20 at 5.11.18 PMIHS

Screen Shot 2016 09 20 at 5.11.30 PMIHS

Screen Shot 2016 09 20 at 5.11.43 PMIHS

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