Street style tip of the day: Cape it on

Street style tip of the day: Cape it on

Sweater weather is here and it could not be more exciting. The best thing about fall fashion is changing the ways you layer on your clothing. One of the chicest things to do this season is to drape your coats, jackets or even sweaters on your shoulders for a more sophisticated look.

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Baby gets herpes after being kissed by a stranger

Baby gets herpes after being kissed by a stranger

Babies can stir up a lot of love in your heart, even from a far — but you might want to second guess kissing them.

A kiss from a stranger gave Amy Stinton’s baby herpes. She shared the horrifying story in a Facebook post:

“This is what happens 2 babies when been in contact with a coldsore,” she wrote. “Oliver now has the herpes virus and will have this for life. Think before you kiss a baby next time.”

In the comments section of the post, she noted that the baby was on an IV drip for four days due to the infection.

Stinton later posted an update, saying that her baby was “still very sore but better in himself.”

Stinton did not speak to the media about the case because, as she explained in the comments, she wanted to “concentrate on (her) family.”

A similar thing happened to Claire Henderson last year:

Her baby contracted the virus from a typical kiss.

Herpes is more common than you think. 67 percent of adults under 50 have herpes simplex 1, which only shows up in your mouth as cold sores, according to the World Health Organization.

WHO also reports that 11 percent of all people have herpes simplex 2, which shows up as genital herpes.

Thankfully, people can live without complication with herpes — but it can be deadly for babies, so be sure to keep your infants safe and avoid kissing one if there is a chance you could have herpes.