Indonesia’s Mount Barujari volcano erupts, trapping tourists

Indonesia's Mount Barujari volcano erupts, trapping tourists

More than 200 foreign tourists were feared trapped on an Indonesian volcano Wednesday after the peak erupted and sent a plume of ash 6,500 feet in the air, officials said.

More than 1,000 people were evacuated after Mount Barujari erupted just before 3 p.m. Tuesday (3 a.m. ET), officials said.

Rescuers initially were looking for at least 389 tourists — 333 of them foreigners — who had registered to climb the mountain since Sunday, according to a statement by the country’s National Disaster Management Authority issued late Tuesday.

Around 120 of these hikers, most of them foreigners, were subsequently located and were heading down the mountain Wednesday, local search-and-rescue official Heronimus Guru told The Associated Press.

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There have been no injuries reported so far — but more than 250 people remained unaccounted for.

Indonesian officials haven’t released details about the nationalities of those missing. The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta said it didn’t know whether any of the them were American nationals.

Mount Barujari is a “baby volcano” that sits inside the crater of Mount Rinjani, a 12,224-foot-high volcano on Lombok island.

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Researchers make rare, valueable discovey in Jerusalem dig

Researchers make rare, valueable discovey in Jerusalem dig

Researchers in Jerusalem unearthed a rare gold coin bearing the image of the Roman Emperor Nero that could be worth a pretty penny.

The coin was discovered on Mount Zion by a team of archaeologists from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Archaeologist Shimon Gibson said this is the first time a coin like this has been unearthed in Jerusalem in a scientific dig.

Usually, they are found in private collections, where the place of origin is not clear.

Historian David Jacobson identified the coin, using the inscriptions on the coin to determine it was struck in either 56 or 57 AD.

The Emperor Nero coin purportedly came from an aristocratic family, who hid it in anticipation of the takeover of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire.

However, looting soldiers must have missed it, allowing for this remarkable discovery centuries later.

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Preschool teachers may be racially bias against students, a new study found

Preschool teachers may be racially bias against students, a new study found

Going off to preschool is a big moment in a child’s life, but a new study found that these children may be exposed to racial bias in their preschool classes — through their teachers.

Researchers from the Yale University Child Study Center revealed that teachers are more likely to expect young black children, particularly boys, to misbehave, according to the Washington Post. As part of the study, more than 130 preschool teachers watched video clips of students and were asked to point out signs of “challenging behavior.”

However, unbeknownst to the teachers, the children in the clips were actually actors and did not exhibit any difficult behaviors. Equipment that tracked the teachers’ gaze found that they spent more time looking at black children — especially black boys — than white children. Lead study author Dr. Walter S. Gilliam told the Washington Post that the findings show that teachers expect problems from black children — and that racial biases are deeply rooted.

“Implicit biases do not begin with black men and police. They begin with black preschoolers and their teachers, if not earlier,” Gilliam said. “Implicit bias is like the wind: You can’t see it, but you can sure see its effects.”

The study also had teachers decide whether certain children’s behavior warranted suspension. Some teachers were told that the child had a stereotypical black name, such as DeShawn or LaToya, while others were told the child was named Emily or Jake, stereotypical white names. White teachers were found to be more lenient on the children they assumed were black. The researchers said this is likely because white teachers expect black children to misbehave, so they didn’t find their behavior to be so out of line.

The researchers recommend that teachers undergo training to confront their racial bias, which many probably don’t realize they have.

Conservative Arizona newspaper tears into Donald Trump, endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Conservative Arizona newspaper tears into Donald Trump, endorses Hillary Clinton for president

During its 126-year history, The Arizona Republic, Arizona’s largest newspaper, has always endorsed a Republican candidate for president.

But that all changed with Donald Trump.

For the first time ever, the newspaper’s editorial board has announced it is endorsing a Democratic candidate: Hillary Clinton.

Referring to Trump, the board wrote, “The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified.”

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In the piece, the newspaper praises Clinton’s political track record and her ability to withstand criticism throughout her career, including from Trump, who has often crossed generally accepted boundaries during this election cycle — hitting Clinton’s personal and professional life in ways the paper describes as “demeaning.”

“They are evidence of deep character flaws,” the editorial board wrote, “They are part of a pattern.”

“The challenges the United States faces domestically and internationally demand a steady hand, a cool head and the ability to think carefully before acting,” the column reads. “Hillary Clinton understands this. Donald Trump does not.”

The publication goes on to criticize Trump’s many controversies on the campaign trail — many of which have prompted critics to question whether he is fit to be commander-in-chief.

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“The president commands our nuclear arsenal,” they wrote. “Trump can’t command his own rhetoric.”

Apparently rebutting evidence that Trump appeals to down-trodden working-class voter who feel alienated by their government, the editorial board vaulted Clinton as a centrist who “knows how to compromise and to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective.”

“This is Hillary Clinton’s opportunity. She can reach out to those who feel left behind. She can make it clear that America sees them and will address their concerns.”

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Crimes of passion: Homeowner says she came home to find 2 burglars having sex on her couch

Crimes of passion: Homeowner says she came home to find 2 burglars having sex on her couch

If the discovery that your home has been robbed isn’t bad enough, a Tennessee woman says shecaught tworobbershaving sex in her living room when she came home.

Jamie Barnes, who was away for a few days, says she returned to her south Memphishouse to find it ransacked, and that’s not the only reason why she feels uncomfortable to be living there.

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“It’s horrible in there. It’s absolutely horrible in there. It’s like they just had a big old nasty party,” said Barnes. “They ransacked my house and stole all my stuff, jewelry, appliances, clothes.”

Barnes told WREG that she found her front door open when she arrived at her house and when she walked in, she saystwo people were having sex on her couch.

“I picked up a broom,” Barnes said. “I wanted to hit that man so bad.”

She said that the man yelled “I don’t know nothing” repeatedly while the woman tried to cover up with one of Barnes’ dresses.

“She tried to grab one of my dresses and put it on and I snatched it from her, what are you trying to do?” said Barnes.

The man reportedly took off and she tried to follow him but he got away. The woman, Tonka Barnes, 44, was arrested for aggravated burglary.

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Barnes’ neighbor, Christian Jones, reportedly saw the couple taking bins of clothing out of the house, and says theyeven trying to sell some of Barnes’ jewelry.

“Crazy stuff,” said Jones. “You never think something like that would happen. They’re getting too bold.”

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